+2100sb – TransUnion

1. How to find this offer?

Discover > Revenue Universe > If it is not on top, sort by highest paying to easily find it.

2. What you need to know.

 First thing I did was check if this was a reputable company. I found TransUnion is one of the 3 major credit agencies so they can be trusted.

The cost for a single month membership was $26.90 for me after tax. SB didn’t credit immediately in 5 minutes like the offer claims, however, in a few hours when I came back the credits were in my account. Easy $21.

You will need to enter basic details and create an account. One of the things you will also need to enter is the last 4 digits of your SSN and so that why it is important for me that this is a trusted company, which it is.

 If you decide you don’t want the service you can easily cancel by clicking “support” in the very top tab, and then click “manage your subscription”.

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