+33sb – Cat Quiz

1. How to find this offer?

Go to Discover > AdGate Media > then sort by Category:Free, Order: High to Low

From here just scroll down to the 33sb range and look for the cat picture above.

This is a mobile quiz so you will need to either type in your phone number/email to send yourself the link or just simply type in the link they give you.

*Disclaimer* Honestly , I think this offer is pretty bad and I won’t be posting mobile quizzes after this one. There is so many ads on this one so if your phone loads the ads slow I would not recommend this.

I did manage to finish this on my iPhone 6 but would not do it again lol. I’m sticking to quizzes on the computer.

2. Quiz Answers

  1. They’re nervous or bored

  2. Your cat needs exercise

  3. They’re comfortable

  4. Angry and scared

  5. They’re mad of you

  6. They’re proud of you

  7. Angry…..

  8. Curiosity

  9. Agitation

  10. Hello

  11. I’m hungry

  12. They’re imitating you

  13. To be near you

  14. They want to play

  15. No reason

  16. Happiness

  17. Pet me

  18. Their instincts

  19. They want to play

  20. Playtime

  21. Clowder

  22. A Tom

  23. Sweet

  24. Milk

  25. A Bezoar

  26. Singapura

  27. Maine Coon

  28. 24

  29. Ear Furnishings

  30. Lemongrass

  31. Through their paws

  32. 15 years

  33. Boxes make them feel safe

  34. 30

  35. 3

  36. 14

  37. Calico

  38. Raw fish

  39. Their noses

  40. Changing their routine

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