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1. How to find this offer?

Type in “quiz” into Swagbucks search bar.

2. Extra Info

Questions start at question #11

3. Answers

11. What category of games does Apex Legends fall into?

Battle Royal

12. In which year was Apex Legends launched?


13. Apex Legends is a free-to-play game – true or false?


14. In Apex Legends, should you play outside the ring on the map?


15. Is it possible to play Apex Legends on PC, Xbox One and PS4?


16. Which publisher released Apex Legends?

Electronic Arts

17. Do you have a choice which character to play as?


18. Can you choose your landing place in Apex Legends?


19. Is it sensible to stay close to your teammates?


20. Can you revive your fallen teammates?


Skips to #29

29. How many rounds does an Apex Legends match consist of?


Skips to #31

31. Let’s start off easy: Which studio developed Apex Legends?

Respawn Entertainment

32. One team in Apex Legends has how many players assigned to it?


33. How many characters were there to choose from when Apex Legends was launched?


34. One of these is NOT a character in Apex Legends. Do you know which one?


35. Which of these abilities is NOT featured in Apex Legends?


36. During the training session, Bloodhound introduces his name in a foreign language. Which of these is it?


37. How much health does the purple version of a Knockdown Shield have?


38. Before a match starts, how many seconds do you have to choose your character before the timer passes on to the next player?

8 seconds

39. How much does the Plague Doctor skin for Bloodhound cost in Crafting Metals?


40. Which character cannot use ziplines while their special ability is activated?


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