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  1. [no question] | Ready

  2. Baldo has always been a bit of a prankster. He’s especially cunning when it comes to hiding. Can you find him in this crowd? | A

  3. He’s lost in the world of Lego now! Can you find him? | C

  4. The marketplace is so busy today. Can you find baby Baldo somewhere in it? | A

  5. What’s all the fuss about in this crowd? Can you see Baldo anywhere? | A (B is not correct)

  6. This looks like a friendly bunch of people. Maybe we could ask them if they have seen Baldo anywhere? | C

  7. Can you find him in this smiley crowd? | A

  8. What a buzzy town! Can you see Baldo? | A

  9. Hey there creepy faces! Where is baby Baldo? | D

  10. Easy on the eye? Baldo where are you! | C

  11. Pretty as a picture… where is that baby? | D

  12. He’s peeping out of somewhere! Do you know from where? | C

  13. Hmmm…. This is tricky. Where is he? | C

  14. Look at that happy crowd. Can you see Baldo? | B

  15. So many people. Can you spot Baldo among them? | B

  16. He is here somewhere. But where? | C

  17. He’s waiting in line! Can you see him? | B

  18. Oh no, he’s climbing the shelves! Better find him before everything collapses! | C

  19. There’s more people now! Where is Baldo? | A

  20. Nothing like a walk in the park. Can you see Baldo anywhere? | C

  21. What a mess! Where is Baby Baldo hiding? | B

  22. Do you see that little cutey? | D

  23. Baldo, Baldo, where are you? | A

  24. Maybe these people can help. Have you seen Baldo anywhere? | D

  25. Oh not again. Where is he hiding? | D

  26. Can you spot Baldo? | D

  27. This place is topsy turvy! Have you seen Baby Baldo? | D

  28. Oh Baldoooo! Where are you? | D

  29. Not easy on the eyes eh? Where’s Baldo? | D

  30. Where could he be hiding? | B

  31. The crowd gets thicker! Can you see Baldo anywhere? | A

  32. Not this again! Where is Baldo hiding? | C

  33. Can you see Baldo among these toys? | A

  34. Is Baldo here anywhere? | D

  35. Tricky, tricky. Can you find Baldo? | C

  36. The plot thickens… can you see Baldo here? | B

  37. Oh it’s so noisy in here with all these school kids! Surely one of them has seen Baldo?heart fits in the gap on the left? | B

  38. Is there anyone here not wearing some sort of colorful sweater? It certainly makes it harder to see Baldo! Have you found him yet? | B

  39. We’re at the football finals! The kind lady at the popcorn stand just told me that she saw him. Can you see baby Baldo anywhere? | C

  40. Baby Baldo is lost and needs to find his way home, can you help him? The Wilson family don’t live next door to Baldo’s family. The Buxton and Jones family are next door neighbours, and the Wilsons live to the left of the Buxtons. Which house belongs to Baldo’s family? | D

  41. Baby Baldo and his family are all going to a family reunion! At the reunion there is a grandmother, a grandfather, two mothers, two fathers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, a mother-in-law, a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law. How many people came to the family reunion? | 7

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