Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure Certain links to products, services, or website are affiliate links, and I may earn a commission for any purchases that you make. Occasionally, I am compensated to give my honest opinion on products, services, or a website. This will not incur additional cost to you. I mention these products and services to you […]

June 2020 – Online Income Report

Prolific – $73.94 Swagbucks – $36.42 Exclusive FB Community – $10.50 Pinecone Research – $9 Survey Monkey Rewards – $2.95 Testable Minds – $2 Google Opinion Rewards – $0.20 If you guys know any new sites to try out you can always comment below or on my Youtube channel. This month is basically the same […]

+300sb – Norton iOS

1. How to find this offer? Type in “Norton” into Swagbucks search bar. 2. Important Details This offer is available only on iOS. Also, if you plan to use the VPN don’t use it on Swagbucks, because (ironically) Swagbucks does not allow VPNs to be used on their site and you risk getting banned. 3. […]

+50sb – Recipe Lion

1. How to find this offer? Type in “Recipe Lion” into Swagbucks search bar. 2. How to complete offer? All you need to do is input your email address and confirm it. You get 50sb pending for 7 days, easy. You may have to check your junk or promotions inbox.

+33sb – Cat Quiz

1. How to find this offer? Go to Discover > AdGate Media > then sort by Category:Free, Order: High to Low From here just scroll down to the 33sb range and look for the cat picture above. This is a mobile quiz so you will need to either type in your phone number/email to send […]

+40sb – My Baldo

1. How to find this offer? Type in “Quiz” into Swagbucks search bar. 2. Quiz Answers Make sure you don’t mess up any answers or you won’t get rewarded and you can’t do it a second time. 7 days pending. [no question] | Ready Baldo has always been a bit of a prankster. He’s especially […]