The Swagbucks Cheat Sheet- 5 Tips and Tricks to Earn More Every Day!

5 uncommon tips that can help you reach that daily goal much easier!
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Swagbucks has so many ways to earn it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. This list will show you the easiest offers and might even surprise veterans of the site.

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Swagbucks is the definition of Make Money Online. It’s easy one of the easiest ways to start earning online. Swagbucks is the biggest GPT (Get Paid To) site and has paid out over $400 million, since its start in 2008.

If you have not used Swagbucks and are looking to start making some side income online make sure to sign up with the link below.

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#1- Secret Video Links

It’s no secret that most watch offers are not the best way to earn Swagbucks. However, I have compiled a list of unique links that pay well and are worth your time!

*Disclaimer* the amount of times you can click the link may change over time and may be different for different locations.

I just released “The Ultimate Swagbucks Resource” that includes a new video link and many other things. Click Swagbucks in the menu or click this link here to see it!

If you do this every day for a month and you can accumulate an extra $10. You can complete this while scrolling through social media and it is easy to leave open in the background.

This also helps me complete my daily goal so I can get those daily goal streak bonuses at the end of the month!

#2- Coupon Offer (Up to 50SB/Day)

A $10/hour job pays $0.16/minute. This offer can pay you up to $0.50 with just a few clicks, and it take less than a minute to do! 

This is so easy I sometimes complete this offer without even thinking about. It has literally became a habit now. Below are the exact steps how to do the coupon offer!

1. Search coupon in the Swagbucks search engine.

Select the offer

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Clip All”.

3. Select “Print Coupons”

4. A print page will pop up. You do not have to print the coupons. Select “Cancel”.

5. Congrats, the offer has been registered as completed and you should receive your Swagbucks the next business day.

If you do find a coupon you actually want to use, make sure to print it because you will get an additional 25sb bonus for using that coupon.

#3- Links to easy search wins during collector's bill event

When you search on Swagbucks, these links have a much higher chance of giving you a search win during a Collector’s Bills Event. These events occur a few time a month.

What you need to know is that during these events, when you search the web through Swagbucks search and get a search win, you may get a special collectors bill that includes a bonus (5-25sb). If you manage to collect all of the bills in the set, you will get a final bonus! (~20sb).

(NOTE) If you get a duplicate collectors bill you do not need – do not claim it (enter the captcha). You should get a different collector’s bill shortly afterwards.

#4- Other Easy Offers

The “Easiest SB Offers” tab on my website is a compilation of the easiest offers, quiz answers, and money makers so you can earn Swagbucks even easier! 

Here’s an example!

50 SB = Discover > Most Recent Offers > Kick mucus to the crib! (or just search it)

Enter all the requirements for the three info pages (I made sure to use my spam email address)

It says it will be pending for 7 days but credited instantly for me after I finished the info pages and reached the end.

#5- Increase Your Chances of Winning Swagbucks Live

Swagbucks Live is is a mobile gameshow that rewards you in Swagbucks. The goal is to answer all 10 questions right. For each question you answer correctly you get 1sb and if you answer all the questions correctly you get a portion of the regular $500 or $1000 prize pot.

However, it’s not always easy to answer all the questions right but you can increase your chance by joining this group.

This group is located on It is on a subreddit called r/swagbucks. If you go on the chat there, whenever there is a Swagbucks Live game the chatroom is full of people giving answers.

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Table of Contents
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